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Jubilee Plate Rules

  1. Players must be full members of a DGU affiliated club. (Juniors are not allowed, neither are youths under 21 unless they pay a full subscription)
  2. If any full member is also a full member of any other club within the Union, he can only enter once in that year for the competition.
  3. All players must have an active handicap at date of first round. The maximum handicap is 18.(Higher handicap players may play but must play off 18).
  4. Matches are to be played with shot allowance calculated at 90% of the difference taken from the lowest handicap player. Naturally, numbers are rounded up or down as per calculation. Take 10% off the handicap difference to the lowest player.
  5. Should one of the partners be unable to play, a substitute may be used in the first round only or the match after a first-round bye. This new pair must then play the remaining rounds shouldthey succeed. The competition organiser must be informed of any changes so as the entry list can be updated.If one partner is unable to play, the other player is, allowed to play on his own.
  6. Matches must be played within the time allocated, it is the home pairs responsibility to arrange a date as soon as possible. Four people have different commitments and thus the sooner a date is agreed the easier for all concerned. Leaving any arrangements until the last week is not an option!
  7. The home team must offer at least four dates one of which, at least, must be a weekend date. If after offering at least four dates no agreement is arrived at the team refusing the dates must explain why to the organising committee. Both teams may be disqualified.
  8. The first draw team have home advantage for the first two weeks. If no contact has been made within that time, then the opposition team automatically assume home advantage.
  9. It is not the organising committee’s responsibility to force a date onto any playing pair.
  10. Only in very exceptional circumstances are extensions to dates allowed. Such requests must be made immediately to the Organiser who will report the matter to the sub-committee comprising of the County Captain, County Secretary & Organiser. After consideration, a decision will be made known to the pairs involved.
  11. It is the Winners responsibility to advise the result. You must inform the organiser by Text or e-mail immediately after playing and the final time for submitting a result is 20:00hrs on the published final date of the round. Please quote your “pairs number” in all correspondence. If the result is not provided by the published final date and time, then BOTH teams are disqualified.
  12. If a dispute arises, please immediately contact the Organiser. The organiser contact details are available from the Officers website page at https://www.denbighshiregolf.org.uk/officers If the pairs cannot reach an agreement then both may be disqualified.




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