Welsh Team Handicap Championship : Entry Rules

      Updated 10 May 2024

  1. The event is run under the governance of Wales Golf (WG) and operates under their published Terms and Conditions. The Denbighshire Golfing Union (DGU) simply acts as their agent in facilitating events which provides Denbighshire County Club players an opportunity to reach the finals, normally held at a venue in South Wales (historically Celtic Manor).
  2. The DGU is allowed to enter two teams into the competition final.
  3. County clubs are encouraged to hold an in-club competition to select their teams, each comprising four players.
  4. Each club will pay £1 per player entering their qualifying competition as the entry fee to the event, rounded up (if necessary) to meet the minimum entry fee detailed below.
  5. Clubs with an entry field of 39 players or less will be allowed to enter ONE team of 4 to play at the DGU regional qualifier, or with an entry field of 40 players or more, TWO teams at a cost of £70.
  6. The minimum entry fee from each club will be £40 irrespective of how many players enter their qualifying event. If a club has entry fees in excess of £70 they retain any excess for club use.
  7. Clubs have the option of choosing not to hold an in-club qualifying event and instead simply select one team of four. If so, the minimum entry fee of £40 will still apply.
  8. Entries with player names and active handicaps with their CDH number must be forwarded to the DGU organiser by any advertised date, together with full results (if appropriate) from their in-club qualifying competition, showing the number of entries.  The number of entries should match the entry fee submitted to the DGU.
  9. The final date for accepting entries into the regional qualifier is fluid but every effort should be made to provide the names by the end of May as the regional qualifier event can be held from June onwards.
  10. DGU qualifying teams then go forward to a regional qualifying event normally, but not exclusively, held at a club in Flintshire. The name of the club and competition date changes every year and will be advised directly to the clubs when known.
  11. The two teams returning the best 3 Stableford scores from 4 will be entered into the WG competition by the DGU Secretary.
  12. In the event of a tie in the regional qualifier, the fourth card will be counted. If there is still a tie it will be decided by the points scored on the 4 cards over the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s) in turn as required. Should there still be a tie then result will be decided by the toss of a coin.
  13. The decision of the DGU in selecting the teams from the regional qualifier to play in the national final is absolute.

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